Thursday, January 15, 2015

DIY: Colored in Jewelry

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DIY: Colored in Jewelry: 

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Colors are everywhere. As far as the eye can see, there are colors! I can’t really pinpoint a specific color as my favorite color. I love colors, and it technically depends on my mood on which colored jewelry or outfit that I would wear.View Blog Post ->
While most of our subscribers prefer instant access to all tutorials and magazine issues which we offered through our Gold membership, some of you love beading tutorials in PDF format that you can print, write notes on and compile. Now you can have this through our Platinum Membership PDF Beading Tutorial! The good news is we are offering the membership package at 50% off our normal price. And you can now subscribe to Platinum at $5.45 per month!

What is Platinum Package?
• Platinum is a subscription membership type package where jewelry making tutorials in PDF format are delivered to you every month.
• Each Monthly Issue contains 5 jewelry making tutorials in downloadable PDF format.

How to access Platinum Package?
• Subscribers will get access to 1 Issue each month. • Upon sign-up subscribers will have instant access to Issue 1, downloadable in PDF format. You can access to your monthly issues by logging into your DIY Beading Club account
• Keep your Platinum subscription active and you will continue to receive 1 new Issue each month. 

What happens if you cancel your Platinum Subscription? 
• If you cancel Platinum subscription, you will no longer receive a new Issue but can still enjoy and access previous Issues that have been released to you during the time of your active subscription. 

What are you waiting for? With Platinum Package, you will improve your skills in jewelry making and get to be a beginner, intermediate and advance student. Best of all, with Platinum Package you will enjoy jewelry making all-year-round!  

From $10.90 to $5.45 a month! 
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