Saturday, November 15, 2014

Super Dou and Twin Beads Beading Pattern

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Super Dou and Twin Beads Beading Pattern:

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Twin Beads and Superdou Beads are oval shaped seed beads with 2 holes. They may look very similar and you'll only notice the difference once the beadwork is created. Working with Twin Beads creates a slightly bigger or wider beadwork while with Superdou, the beads seem to fit each other and the beadwork is slightly narrower or smaller in size. Twin Beads is more of an oval shape and is slightly thicker. The ends or tips are also rounded while Superdou has a more tapered ends but wider at the center that when stitched together you'll see it is more of a diamond shape. I have created with both Twin Beads and Superdou Though the size slightly differs but still both beads can give you great designs of beadwork. View Blog Post ->
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