Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Perfect Ideas for Making Beaded Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry Club

Perfect Ideas for Making Beaded Jewelry:

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Rhinestone-brooch-and-bead-necklace is considered as sophisticated, expensive-looking, beaded jewelry. Bev’s rhinestone brooches displayed a stunning scarves and lapels, which gives a predominantly high-class look to any women's outfit. Craftiness Is Not Optional truly inspired anyone to craft their own rhinestone brooch beaded jewelry using basic jewelry supplies. This sparkly-beaded pendant is a stylish addition to an either bridesmaid’s dress or bouquet. Though making the flower brooches beaded jewelry will take some time well, it still blooms and serves as a perfect jewelry accent for any special event.  View blog post ->

handmade jewelry making tutorials
In partnership with Fire Mountain Gems, DIY Beading Club.com is offering handmade jewelry making materials for selected items at a low, low price and save more than 50%. Selection of materials changes frequently so don't miss what we're offering now!
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