Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Create Beaded Jewelry

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How to Create Beaded Jewelry:

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Jewelry is quite fashionable however, it can be costly to buy. There are times that you can't find those stunning pieces most especially the styles and colors that you want. There are some jewelry pieces that you can craft based on your own needs and want and won't even cost you a lot. Jennae's creation is considered as one of a stunning range of handcrafted glass beads, where it was finished through the addition of safety pins and jewelry cording in order to create a fine-polished, beaded jewelry. One of the most extraordinary things about creating this beaded jewelry is that you don’t need to learn a lot of risky techniques but, with Green and Gorgeous basic craft supplies, it will make you to realize to have creative craft, as well.  View blog post ->

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